We’ve  partnered with local community leaders in the Solu Khumbu to identify students who have financial needs as well as a high level of interest in school.

Name: Sanchita Rokka
Age: 6 years
Class: 1
Mothers Name: Chandika Rokka
Permanent address: Sidupalchok, Nepal (Earthquack affected area)
Current address: Phaplu, Solukhumbu, Nepal
Background: Sanchita is from poor family background. She and her mum is abandon by her dad and family. Her mum works in hotel at Phaplu makes very little money. It is difficult for her to support her education. She is very interested in study.

Name: Sonam Dolma Sherpa
Age: 10
Class: 5
Mother’s Name: Kinju Sherpa
Father’s Name: Bhai chung Sherpa
Address: Patale, Solukhumbu, Nepal
Background: She is from lower part of Solukhumbu. Very bright student. She is also from poor family. Her dad has brain surgery now he is not active as before. He cannot work as before. Her mum works in field.